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This blog has been created to share short stories, thoughts and illustrations from the World of Timba and Lula. The first book on which the animation is based tells of how an old woman gathered all her best memories and created two special toys. Timba... gentle, wise and strong and Lula...cheeky, loving and funny. The World of Timba and Lula is about love and nurture.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Timba's Flying Dream

It was morning, time to get out of bed.
Lula giggled when Timba said...
“Lula, my friend, I dreamt I could fly,
fly like a bird up in the sky.”

“What could you see?” she asked her bear.
“What was it like up in the air?”
Timba thought, head to one side,
remembering the details of his night-time ride:

“A little cold with wind racing through my fur.
At first my eyes were a bit of a blur,
but I dreamt up some goggles - you can do that in a dream;
In fact, if I‘d wanted I could have eaten ice-cream;
but I didn”t do that!  Imagine the mess
of a flying bear covered in creaminess.

“I  flew over mountains and swooped down on a lake.
The snow on the mountain looked like an iced cake.
There were birds, butterflies and busy bees
each with wings flapping and fluttering in the breeze.

“I was so pleased to be a part of the sky
but other  flying creatures had to ask why.
‘Why is a bear not safely on ground  -
Because that’s where bears are usually found?’ ”

”But, Timba, you are no ordinary bear.
You and I are an interesting pair.
We were created with love, made from memories of joy
by an old woman who wanted a toy.

“First she made you, then decided on me,
with a baby blanket tummy for everyone to see.”
Lula, still standing next to Timba’s bed,
was imagining her friend and all that he’d said.

 “Next time, Timba, when you have a flying dream,
Please call me up and we’ll fly as a team.”
So, even though a new day had just begun,
sharing Timba’s dream of night-flying had been fun.

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