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This blog has been created to share short stories, thoughts and illustrations from the World of Timba and Lula. The first book on which the animation is based tells of how an old woman gathered all her best memories and created two special toys. Timba... gentle, wise and strong and Lula...cheeky, loving and funny. The World of Timba and Lula is about love and nurture.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lula's Daisy Chain Hearts!

Happy Sunday everyone
Thought we'd think of something fun
Something fun a task to do
So we can spend some time with you

Lula is making a chain of hearts
Especially for those who love art
First find some paper, she chose red
"Blue for me!" Timba said

Now fold the paper like a fan
looking like a zig-zag is part of the plan
Now you should have a thin long strip
Divide it into three then...snip snip snip

Three separate pieces all folded and neat
Cut a bigger heart from another sheet
when you put it on top it must be a little wide
The edges equally falling out each side

Trace with a pencil then cut on the line
Remember to leave the folded edge fine
Pull open your fan and what do you find
A row of hearts all combined

Now do this to all of your neat little piles
For best results you must do this with smiles!
When you have finished, join them with tape
(This can also be done with another shape)

Now for the best part before you hang it anywhere
Wall to wall, curtain rail or chair
You must write the names of special people you know
The amount of hearts you make may grow

Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters big and small
Grandad, Gran, family and friends short and tall
You may want to put a few names on each heart
Its totally your choice, its your work of art.

Now this is the VERY important part
The magical part of the daisy chain heart
Give each little heart a sweet little kiss
Blow one into the air for anyone you miss
When they are hung look to the sky above
And ask the wind to carry them love.


  1. Dear lula !!!!!!!!!!!
    i love your heart chain it looks so prety so lovely i think they are special.Do u think u can do me some thing ? Maybe a special letter with a secret!!!Or even a suprise activity !!!!!
    Im looking forward to my note .... hehe
    love u special lula!!!! good bye!
    love Eva

  2. ps sometimes people call me Eva!

  3. Hello my special friend Luna! what a beautiful name. Thank you for writing on our special page. I shall add your name to my daisy heart chain! Check your mail I will send you a note just for you.
    Pink flower tummy loving

  4. Hello my special friends !!!!!!!!!!! How are u?
    thanyou for my special secret !!!!!!!!!!! That now one knows....

    love eva

  5. I can't wait to make my daisy heart chains! Thank you Lula