Welcome to the World of Timba and Lula

This blog has been created to share short stories, thoughts and illustrations from the World of Timba and Lula. The first book on which the animation is based tells of how an old woman gathered all her best memories and created two special toys. Timba... gentle, wise and strong and Lula...cheeky, loving and funny. The World of Timba and Lula is about love and nurture.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Are Popping Up Everywhere!

Hello! We are so excited to say they we are popping up everywhere...Pick n Pays all over are being visited by our special friends! Thank you so much! I am wondering where we are going to pop up next. Send us your pic and where you got your precious Timba and Lula outfit or blanket we can't wait to hear from you.
Timba & Lula

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Beautiful Song

If you have seen our animation you will know that we have an amazing song that was created for us! It was written by a special friend Graham John Murray. Combining his talent, gentle nature and unique style with the book as his inspiration he created the perfect song. We wanted to say thank you...
Timba & Lula Animation

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PICK N PAY we love you!!!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our 100% brushed cotton babies range. Timba & Lula stand for love and nuture and wish to keep all your precious babies warm this winter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Happy Easter Story!

We woke up this morning, there was excitement in the air
This was normal for the bunny but not for the bear!
Lula knew about Easter but for Timba it was new
So Lula had to tell him what they had to do.

"While we were sleeping the Easter Bunny came
A VERY special bunny playing a very special game
This bunny visits once a year to all the girls and boys
It bounces through the garden not making any noise

It bounces under bushes and up into the trees
Into small hiding places that it can squeeze
Dropping little treats where ever it goes -
Big, floppy ears and a sweet, twitching nose

These little treats that are hidden away are shiny and round
Underneath the colourful wrapping a chocolate egg is found!"
Timba's eyes grew wide and bright, this was an exciting day
So off they ran into the garden to begin their Easter play.

They looked under the bushes and up into the trees
In all the places that they could squeeze
But nothing was different all was as it should be
It all seemed just like it always was, as far as they could see

Suddenly Lula ran to the house and opened up the chest
Returning with a bag of things so they could get dressed
In the bag were fluffy chick hats soft, yellow and bright
There were little chick feet and half an egg that fitted just right

"These are our Easter outfits. They will help us find our treats."
So off they went to search again for their special eats!
Lula was looking under the hedge when she heard a cheeping sound
Looking around, she heard it again coming from something round!

"Timba!" she said "I have found an egg, but it's not like the ones I know.
It is making a noise, it's moving around and cracks are beginning to show."
Timba rushed over with two more little eggs, the colour of soft, greeny blue.
They were cracking and cheepy, Timba and Lula didn't know what to do

So they waited and watched as a miracle began - the miracle of babies being born -
As three little chicks popped out of their eggs right there on the lawn.
Never before had this happened and they both felt deeply blessed
They had a special job and they would do their best

It is a sweet little picture for this Easter day of love and nurture to give,
Of friendship, caring and compassion to forgive.
For these little chicks will grow up with love differently designed:
Not that from a hen, but of the bunny-and-bear kind.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Things are happening!

Hello everyone we are getting ready for our RSA launch we will let you know all the detail soon...watch this space.